Wednesday, October 26, 2005

broz cafe

I like this Broz Cafe because it is like a joke in a way that reminds me some Starxxxxs cafe, from which I had a coffee in every morning when the last time I was in Tokyo for 2 months. Even it is not a joke, Broz Cafe serves good coffee and sweets and sandwich as Starbucks, and all of them are its original. And there is "take out", which usually I do not see at other cafe. It is a cool place.



Anonymous said...

The name Broz is derived from Josip Broz- Tito, the comunist/socialist president of ex-Yugoslavia where Macedonia belonged until 15 years ago. I guess it's like having Lenin cafe in former soviet country. Tito is starting to become a brand itself, there's also a restaurant themed after him. Yesterday some people established an Alliance of Tito's leftist forces (and guess what? the press was at the Tito themed restaurant). Tito is not as strong brand as Che Guevara (not handsome enough I guess), but he is known in all former or existing comunist countries.

napomi said...

Thanks L-kun. And I will explain this in Japanese.

このBroz Cafeの名前は旧ユーゴスラビア時代の元チトー大統領の名前(Josip Broz- Tito)から取ったもの。