Wednesday, November 29, 2006

white city

Due to foggy situation in Belgrade, I could not fly to Skopje last night. White city (meaning of "Belgrade" in Serbian), indeed. Yesterday, it was really white everywhere, no visibility at all. Today, it is better.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

sea of clouds

Sea of clouds, indeed. Mountains above clouds are like islands on the ocean. I guess they are the border mountains between Macedonia and Serbia.


Monday, November 27, 2006

project zlust

Project Zlust is one of my favorite Macedonian musicians. Their music is like jazzy chamber kind (according to me). It is a Jazz base (no wonder I like the group), also with violin, cello and clarinet, which add new sounds to the jazz tune. Somewhat ethnic and mordern, I would say. It is a kind of music you want to listen at a live setting, since every time they play, it creates different sounds (that is jazz!). Project Zlust consists of 6 regular members, often inviting guest musicians from everywhere. Yesterday, a Bulgarian trumpet player was the guest. As usual, the play was bravo.


Saturday, November 25, 2006


Nero is a palachinka place near my house. Palachinki (it is like a thicker crepe) at Nero are only for take-out, wrapped like French crepes to go. You can find this kind take-out crepe shop everywhere in Paris, but in Skopje, it is rare. So far, I know only this place.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

graffiti in skopje

There are many graffiti in Skopje. Almost all of them are hardly art, unlike New Yorker's. But sometimes, you can find cute one :))


Thursday, November 16, 2006

cultural center tocka

Tocka is a cultural center, which provides space for cultural events and books. I would say it is more like "sub-culture" center, providing cool stuff for cool-loving people. It relocated lately and renewal opened, so I went there to check out the place. Now it has more space, and fancy display. It has even coffee space too. The large windows and high ceiling provides very cozy space for "coffee and book" concept. Tomorrow night, there will be a live band from Croatia.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

oriz (=rice) in macedonia

In Macedonia, there is Japanese kind of rice (short-grained type) available. It is called Kocani rice from Kocani town of the eastern Macedonia. You can buy it at a greenmarket or a supermarket. I usually buy it at a supermarket. You know why? One reason is I do not need to buy rice by kilos, even though I eat much, but not that much. Another reason is, rather a bigger reason, usually, rice in Macedonia contains small stones! And this is more true to the rice at a greenmarket. It is hard to remove them from rice before cooking, because they look similar in size and color. So, sometimes you find a stone in your mouth when you are eating rice. I guess producers try to remove all the stones before selling rice, of course, but still those stones that look similar to rice likely remain. How can I, a girl who does not spend much time on housekeeping and stuff, find that kind of tricky stones. My Macedonian friend says (as a joke) the first condition of a good wife is being good at removing stones from rice. Kako da ne.

マケドニアには日本のお米と似た種類のお米があります。コチャニ米といって、マケドニアの東の方のコチャニ地方産です。グリーンマーケットやスーパーマーケットで買えるのですが、まあ私はスーパーで買っています。なんでかって? それは、グリーンマーケットでキロ単位で買うほど消費量が多いわけではないのと、それよりなにより、グリーンマーケットで買うお米ってかなりの確率で小石がはいっているんですよね。ま、スーパーで買っても小石は入っていることがあるんですけどね、でもグリーンマーケットで買った方が確率が高いんです。そして、この小石をお米を洗う際に見つけるのがまた大変。どんなにじっくり見て取り除いてからごはんを炊いても、食べたときに小石が発見されることがよくある。そりゃあ当然生産者だってお米を売りに出す前に小石を取り除いて売っているでしょうから、残っている小石はその時に見つけられなかったくらいお米に色も形も似ているってことでしょ。ということで、マケドニア人の友人によると、よいお嫁さんの条件はお米から石を取り除くのがうまいこと、だって。ジョークですけどね。

Saturday, November 11, 2006

panteleimon restaurant

At the monastery of St. Panteleimon on Mt. Vodno, there is a new restaurant opened in the first floor of the classic looking monastery. It serves Macedonian food, so, you can visit there to see the old, 12th Century church and to eat the traditional Macedonian food. Good excursion site from Skopje for lunch, maybe. It is another nice tourist attraction developed. Good job.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

mosaic in ohrid

There is a site for mosaic in Ohrid, which is a new discovery for me this time. It is on the premises of the archeological site, Plaosnik. The site is surrounded by a 360-platform so that tourists can have a whole view of the mosaic floor. It is actually a nicely constructed infrastructure as a tourism site. I found also this time there is a newly installed statue of St. Naum at the church of St. Naum. It seems Ohrid is making efforts to develop attractive tourist sites, which is good, of course (even though there is no "national tourism development plan".... ;-P)

今回、オフリドの考古遺跡プラウシュニックの敷地内にモザイクの床画があるのを発見。いままでぜんぜん気がつきませんでした。プラットホームが360度ぐるっとめぐらされ、観光客は床の上を一周回れるようになっているところに観光サイトとしてよくできた工夫が見られます。そういえば、聖ナウム教会に新しく聖ナウムの像が建っているのも見かけたし、なんかオフリド、観光地としての魅力を高めるための努力をしている姿勢が見える、ってカンジ?  国として観光開発戦略計画もないところなんだけどね()

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

winter in macedonia

Smoke from a chimney; a typical scene of winter in Macedonia. Now in the season of the woodstove.


Monday, November 06, 2006

winter in ohrid

It is still beautiful.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

first official trip to belgrade

Since our office in Belgrade finally opened, I had a chance to visit there, where the Danube and Sava meet. It was also the chance to experience the famous cold wind of Belgrade. Pfff, it was really cold.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

already winter

This (←) was just few days ago, it was a beautiful sunny autumn day, but now, the highest temperature today was 6C, rainy, and tomorrow, 1C. Winter has come. Pfffffff.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Nana opened few days ago. I was checking out the place long before its opening because it has a nice, cozy, cute look outside. It is on the Macedonian Square, very good location. It is a small (wine) cafe, also serving light meals like salads and sandwiches. All dishes I tried are good so far. The interior decoration and layout is nice too. Cute and cozy. I am glad that I have got another new lunch place for me, with the rating of "super". Too bad there is no soup on the menu, though.
By the way, seeing from the series of new openings of cafe and restaurants in these few months, I guess the economic situation in Macedonia has been getting better apparently. Those Nana and Sushi Bar kinds are not cheap-ish place. It requires some capital to establish and keep that level of the quality standard. Also, requires strong purchasing power of people to support the business. Hm. Good for them. I hope it will last long....

数日前にオープンした「ナナ」はマケドニア広場の真ん中にある抜群のロケーションにあります。工事中の頃から、なんとなく外見がかわいかったのでちょっとチェックしてたんですよね。オープン したので早速行ってきました。インテリアもかわいくて心地のいい空間。カフェなんだけど、軽い食事も出すカンジ。サラダとかサンドイッチとかがメニューにあります。トライしたものはみんなおいしくて「超合格」です。また新しい「マイランチ」場ができて、うれしい限りです。スープがメニューにないのが残念だけど。