Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Nana opened few days ago. I was checking out the place long before its opening because it has a nice, cozy, cute look outside. It is on the Macedonian Square, very good location. It is a small (wine) cafe, also serving light meals like salads and sandwiches. All dishes I tried are good so far. The interior decoration and layout is nice too. Cute and cozy. I am glad that I have got another new lunch place for me, with the rating of "super". Too bad there is no soup on the menu, though.
By the way, seeing from the series of new openings of cafe and restaurants in these few months, I guess the economic situation in Macedonia has been getting better apparently. Those Nana and Sushi Bar kinds are not cheap-ish place. It requires some capital to establish and keep that level of the quality standard. Also, requires strong purchasing power of people to support the business. Hm. Good for them. I hope it will last long....

数日前にオープンした「ナナ」はマケドニア広場の真ん中にある抜群のロケーションにあります。工事中の頃から、なんとなく外見がかわいかったのでちょっとチェックしてたんですよね。オープン したので早速行ってきました。インテリアもかわいくて心地のいい空間。カフェなんだけど、軽い食事も出すカンジ。サラダとかサンドイッチとかがメニューにあります。トライしたものはみんなおいしくて「超合格」です。また新しい「マイランチ」場ができて、うれしい限りです。スープがメニューにないのが残念だけど。

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