Tuesday, July 04, 2006

election tomorrow

There will be legislative elections tomorrow in Macedonia. The campaign had started on June 15 and ended yesterday. Now people are waiting to vote tomorrow. At any election in any country, I am always amazed by how much people, as a just voter not even running for the election, can be so enthusiastic about the election event, like by supporting or not supporting this candidate or not, who is not even your friend and whom you do not have any stake with, by wooing or booing or whatever. In Macedonia, if someone (mostly ethnic Albanians) become too enthusiastic, they attack the opponent party's office with bombs and guns. Well, maybe for someone in Macedonia, that who will win the election or not will have a big stake clearly. (Oh, I remember at the election in the Philippines, some candidates for mayors were killed by opponents before the election, so, seems shit happenes everywhere.) Either way, this is the election that Macedonia, as an EU candidate country, has to implement successfully and fairly without violence. Otherwise, it may lose a chance to join the EU and waste everything that the present Government has achieved. Well, maybe it does not matter to oppositions because it is not their achievement anyway.... We will see tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

成長過程にある国は選挙にかける期待も熱意も強いのでしょう。もちろん暴力行為やましてや殺人事件などというのは論外ですが、日本の若者達にはもっと選挙に関心をもってもらいたいですね。 貴々