Tuesday, July 18, 2006


More about the wedding. Among many rituals, dance & music is always fun to see. And this male dance "Teshkoto" was very amazing. The performance with squatting down and standing up and holding the balance and moving slowly seems requiring lots of muscle work. Obviously, very difficult to perform. Not only that, the dance is improvised by the leader with his rhythm and patterns at that moment, and the followers have to perform as the leader perform, so as musicians. So, the performance we see at that moment will never be the same. Always different. Sounds very jazzy. Very cool. And, especially when the leader stands up on the traditional drum (Tapan) and performs the solo dance and holds the pose, it is very impressive. Teshkoto means "the Hard One" and the dance expresses the sufferings of the Macedonian throughout the history but always successfully overcoming by people's wisdom, or something.


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