Sunday, May 27, 2007

gotan project

Gotan Project came to Skopje as a part of OFFEST 2007. OFFEST is an offseason event of Skopje Jazz Festival. Last year, OFFEST had Massive Attack and Los de Abajo, and this year, there was this Gotan Project as an opening, and also Balkan Beat Box, which I missed, and there will be Bebel Gilberto! the daughter of Joan Gilberto is coming to Skopje. That is a big. How gorgeous is it this year. Anyway, back to about Gotan Project, their music is tango-electro fusion, and their stage effect was very cool; how they use video image and sampling was very nouveau. Fusion of visual and sounds. Must buy their CDs, but the live is better, I guess. I had never seen the Universal Sala became full like that until this time.


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