Wednesday, October 17, 2007

tose proeski

Tose Proeski, the biggest pop star in Macedonia and the Balkans, died from a traffic accident yesterday. He was still 26 years old. Whole Macedonia is weighed down by grief, including Prime Minister and President of the country. All Macedonian TV stations are on-airing special memorial programs these 2 days. This atmosphere reminded me the feeling when Yutaka Ozaki died. In both cases, I was in the situation of "ah, yeah... I heard about his name, but not his music...was he that great?" kind. I do not listen pop music much (^ ^; ...



Anonymous said...

" I was like "ah, yeah.... I heard about his name, but not his music...was he that great?" kind. "

was he that great??? he wasnt just singer, then bigger human then all us.. the things which he did,, but probably you dont understand that : (

Anonymous said...

ppl are not saddened only because of his music, there are other singers and there always will be. what we are in pain about is for loosing such a person, the kindest, most truthful person u ve ever seen..his eyes were glowing, while he was singing and helping people, not doing that because of fame or publicity but because it was who he was..he has been a role model that lots of young children were looking up to, we've shared the nicest moments in our lives and now we have a memory of a great men who could not live long enough to enjoy life a little bit longer. we will miss him forever! i was not a fanatic fan of his songs, but i did like him..if i could not stop the tears when i see his pictures and read about him, i can only imagine how his family feels like:( its difficult to understand what we-macedonians are talking about, but the very fact that we are all affected by his death you can tell how big impact he has made on all of us, and music was just one of his way of expression, the one everyone heard, but he was a lot more than that!

Anonymous said...

That is true,
we all have a vary big inpact but he is with God up in heaven we all love and miss him sooooooooooooo much this is for Tose I know he could hear me Tose I love and miss you sooooooooooooooooooooo very much Tose I will naver going to forget you
I love you
my best friend love mary