Saturday, January 26, 2008

markov monastery

Markov Monastery is located near Cvetovo. As other churches and monasteries in Macedonia, Markov Monastery also has some significance in terms of its origin and history and Byzantine art. Details can be found in a page of the exploring In terms of my opinion, I like the stream bank behind the monastery, which looks like a very nice picnic site.

「マルコフ修道院」はツベトボの近くにあります。マケドニアにある他の教会・修道院もそうですが、このマルコフ修道院もなにやら歴史的にもビザンティンアート的にも重要な建造物だそうです。詳しいことは、貴重なマケドニア観光サイトexploring macedonia.comのページに説明が載ってますので、そちらをご参照ください(英語ですけど)。ま、私のコメント的には、その修道院の裏側に流れている小川の岸辺がピクニックとかによさそうだなあ、、、というカンジです。


Nyon said...

Indeed. This is our BBQ place during the spring. I think the fresco at Markov Monastary is one of the best preserved around Skopje. I was actually there on this same day. :)

bakase said...