Saturday, September 24, 2005

a cinema in skopje

Well, I do not know whether movies are big entertainment for Macedonian or not (maybe yes), but here is a movie theater in Skopje. There are few theaters exist in Skopje and most of them look like this (except Ramstore's, which is coming soon). I guess because the rental video/ DVD is much cheaper here, not many people go to a cinema so often. I have not been inside it yet either. I can not go by myself. I need guts a bit.
To introduce details of the photo, the name of "Manaki" shown in the right side is taken from the first cinema writer in Balkan.
What I like the most in this is that there is a sign saying "Cinema Paradiso." No wonder it is not "New"....



Anonymous said...

I don't know what you mean by cinema writer, but to make things clearer Mr. Manaki was a cinematographer, which is a fancy name for cameraman. He & his brother were the very first taking shots throughout Balkans (not with guns as the guys nowdays). Also, just for information, there were many more cinema theaters in Skopje, but were closed down when video & pirate movies were introduced 15-20 years ago. I remember as a kid that going to movies was a big thing. Hollywood movies were shown with one year delay, but also many European & Asian movies (everybody knows about Akira Kurosawa in former Yugoslavia). Watching Hollywood action movies in a packed cinema was fun, people were shouting and swearing at movie characters. I remmember when watching Karate Kid at the final scene where Ralph Machio knocks down the bad guy with a cool mae geri there was a standing ovation. Also, when Jaws 3 was shown in 3D, for the first time ever, some people were still wearing the 3D glasses out of the cinema. Cheers, L

napomi said...

that's a great story.
thanks, L.