Wednesday, October 12, 2005

national workshop for handmade paper

Near the "national restaurant"- Antico, there is a national workshop for handmade paper. The shop sells handmade papers (of course) and also there is actual performance of making a paper. All papers at the store are made from all natural materials like wood pulp and natural dyes by using traditional methods, which have been used since centuries ago in the Ohrid region. It is amazing to see how natural color can be vivid.
The photo shows a traditional printing machine at the shop. It also sells woodblock prints on the handmade papers. The pictures of the prints are like old buildings of Ohrid such as St. Naum or Church Kaneo. There are also notebooks and albums made by piling these vividly colored handmade papers. It is beautiful work.
The shop is located on a back street of the old town of the Ohrid, near National Museum. You can easily find it. It is another recommended shop to go.


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