Friday, October 21, 2005

a restaurant in skopje - bistro more love

Poveke Ljubov ("More Love" in English) is one of my favorite restaurants in Skopje. It is in my neighborhood. So, when my kitchen was not ready to cook, I used to go there almost everyday for dinner. It serves casual Italian with some original taste, which I do not know what it is but is really good and different from other kinds. And its deserts are amazing. I especially like its apple pie, but lemon pie is also good too. All desserts are made by the owner who looks like just an ordinary mother. It seems is run by a family, a mother and cute sons, who have a good sense of tastes in many ways.

このご近所レストラン「more love」はカジュアルイタリアン。でも普通のイタリアンにちょっと一味違ったテイストが加わっていて、なんか印象に残るおいしさがあるんですよね。ちょっとしたサンドイッチもパスタもグー。うちの台所がまだ準備できていなくて自炊が出来なかった頃、毎日夕飯はここのテイクアウトでした。飽きないんですよね、不思議と。


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well, for a clarification, it is not run by a family, after all. It is run by some friends. And by eating food there too many times, i am getting to closer those owners too.... Skopje is a small city. Sometimes whom I know from work is the oen who owns a place...