Saturday, November 12, 2005

city of bitola

Lately, I am having field trips and have discovered that there are many beautiful cities and towns in Macedonia.
Bitola has beautiful streets with old buildings of more than a century ago, when the town was a center for international diplomats to the Ottoman administration. It is 2.5 hour drive away from Skopje. Since there was no earthquake as Skopje had, Bitola still has a grand-old-(European) town look that still bears the marks from the turn of the century. I liked it. I want to spend more time there next time.



FVA said...

you're lucky to be in such a beautiful country. the view of the lake was the first photo i saw. hope you will have a safe and enjoyable stay there...

napomi said...

FVA-san! Thank you for visiting. Yes, I am enjoying here. I hope you are doing well there too.