Monday, January 30, 2006

non smoking law in macedonia

Finally! the law for non-smoking is enacted in Macedonia from January 1, 2006. It practically prohibits people from smoking in public places except in the smoking area. In my office, in my office cafe, meeting room, almost everywhere within the office building, I can have clean air, which is a kind of improvement I have seen the first time since I came here in August, in terms of air pollution (from smoking ;-). You know how much I had been complaining about Macedonian's smoking habits. I would like to praise Macedonian Government for this challenge. I am sure there are unhappy people all over about this, because majority of Macedonian(even intellectual class) are smokers. They even produce tobacco leaves in some area of Macedonia as a main agricultual produce. Now, in a cafe, people are making a line for getting smoking seats, while non-smoking area has lots of seats available. It is amazing how Macedonian are insensitive to the health damage from smoking as well as to the non-smokers' feeling. I have seen people who do not care the law are still smoking in their office too. I wonder how much support this law has from Macedonian, particulary in this election year. I am sure it must be a quite challenge for Macedonian Government to enact this law at this timing. Well, I strongly support it, but who cares Japanese girl's support. Anyway, I will also support the new law that demands complete nonsmoking in clubs and cafes (like NY) if there is such a thing..... I wish.


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