Monday, January 23, 2006

wood stoves in macedonia

It seems the cold weather is coming back this week, of which air mass came originally from Japan (really?) through Siberia, according to my coworker.
One thing I have noticed in this winter is that there are plenty of wood stoves used in Macedonia. They are all over. It seems that they are popular because firewoods are cheaper than oil or gas. In Skopje, there are the central heating system in the buildings like NY, so it is warm everywhere in a house unlike a house in Tokyo, but whenever I am out from Skopje, I have seen pile of firewoods and wood stoves (and a chimney in a house.) It is actually the first time for me (as a city-bred Japanese girl) to see wood stoves. Well, because most of my previous assignments were in the tropics and there is no such a thing called wood stove in Tokyo either. Anyway, woodstoves are exotic enough for me to mention in the blog. And also at the same time, they make me think of the possibility of some CDM projects, since it seems they consume lots of trees.


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