Monday, January 09, 2006

x'mas in macedonia

X'mas in Macedonia is based on the Orthodox calendar, so it is not on December 25 like Catholic, but on January 7, which was this weekend. Since I am not a part of the Orthodox anyway, I did not experience any of these, but I can tell you what I heard about what Orthodox Macedonian do for X'mas in general. On January 5, they make fire outside and do BBQ (and drunk) with close friends and family. On January 6, on the X'mas eve "Badnik" (well, it is actually the midnight or early morning of January 7), kids visit door to door to get some treats like candies, cookies and money from neighbors. It sounds like Halloween, isn't it? And this twig on the door (the photo) is something like a protector and a sign to show kids that this house is for a believer in the Macedonian Orthodox. Kids come to the house with twigs. And then, on January 7, the X'mas day, people visit each other, family and friends, and greet each other with saying "Hristos Selodei" "Vistina Selodei" (meaning, "Christ was born" "really born") and eat lots of foods. Very simple and heart warming, which is good I guess since X'mas in Catholic world has become "too commercial" according to the Vatican.
And the next weekend, it will be Orthodox New Year. I will report you how it is like again.


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