Monday, February 27, 2006

macedonian class

Finally, I will start to go to school to study Macedonian. I had been trying to find a good Macedonian class, but it wasn't easy, because Macedonian friends do not know the information since they do not need to take a class, and other foreigners, i.e. other donors, usually have their own teachers within the organization. So, I had not been able to find a good class. But one day, I got the information that a new language school for Macedonian and Slavic language, targeting mainly foreigners, will open and is looking for students.
So, I visited them to check out. It is a new school established by young people graduated from Skopje University, Philological major. Well, then, the quality of the teaching may be questioned, because they may not be so experienced in teaching yet, but I like their entrepreneurship spirits. I wonder how big the market of Macedonian language school for foreigners can be as a business. It may not be so big, and may be difficult to survive, as it seems they have not found students yet except me. But they diversify the business by doing also translation and teaching other Slavic languages. Right strategy. Either way, I want to support these young entrepreneurs to grow. Maybe I can help them marketing as a former ad executive ;-)



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チャレンジ精神わすれずにがんばっていただきたいです。現地の言葉を知ることはとてもたいせつですのものね。言葉をしればその文化もまなべるし。 おもしろいハッケンがありましたら、またブログにかいてね。


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