Monday, March 27, 2006

kanal 103 event

This weekend, there was an event of the local radio station, Kanal 103, for its 15 year celebration. There were series of performances from local musicians (plus British and Italian guest musicians). It was interesting to see how Macedonian music scene is like, and this Kanal 103 is the radio station that plays music I would listen, so all music at the event was quite satisfactory. And the group particularly I liked was "rabotam na sluchajot", a hip hop team of youngsters. Their rapping was like one of those J-POP hip hops, which sounds very "light", unlike USA's that expresses lots of anger and frustration (although, I heard this Macedonian kids are rhyming about war, which Japanese will never relate). Moreover, I found out Macedonian language is easy to rhyme because the end of each word of adjective, adverb and noun conjugate with cases and such in a consistant way, most of the time (I guess).


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