Thursday, April 20, 2006

macedonian orthodox easter

In the Macedonian Orthodox calendar, Easter is coming on Sunday, April 23. There have been series of events since last weekend in Macedonia. Today is the day for coloring eggs according to my friend who woke up early this morning and colored eggs before coming to the office. The photos are taken today at a church. Kids are gathering, and people are receiving "holy flour" and "holy oil". People add these to dough when they bake the Easter bread.
There was a funny incident speaking of Easter....
In the Catholic calendar, Easter was in the last weekend. There was a holiday in the catholic country like Austria and France. In Macedonia, the Easter holiday is on next Monday. So, it varies depending on countries and affiliations. At the other day, in my Macedonian class, I was asked seriously when is the "Japanese" Easter holiday(by French classmates and a Macedonian teacher). I was like, "ah-, well... most of Japanese are not Christian, so we do not have an Easter holiday"... People do not know much about Japan(-"-) It is a samurai's country.


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