Saturday, May 20, 2006

eurovision song contest

How many times I was not able to participate in conversations, just because I had never seen the "Eurovison Song Contest", which is said the origin of the "American Idol." Having been in Macedonia (a part of Europe) for 9 months, finally, I had a chance to see the program. Well, my friend said that it is all about boobs and cleavage so I had not missed much, yeah, but I can not tell it until I actually see it, so I have to see it. In fact, it was all about cleavage, I totally agree with it, but some part are not only that. Like this year, Finland won with some monster-look rock band, which I think made a quite impact on audience. So, cleavage and impact are important tips to win (^ ^). In terms of that, the representative from Macedonia (photo) was cute and had nice cleavage, but not enough impact, I guess.... it is not unique enough compared to Bosnia & Herzegovina. Also, I found the voting activity of "this country votes 12 points to that country" is pretty amusing, because each country has some "buddy" country, more likely neighboring countries, so they vote each other even the performance is not so outstanding. So, you can imagine all those Balkan countries are voting each other, or not. Very funny, considering the politics and history. And, someone also said only Balkans are very much into this Eurovision Song Contest, whereas other "real" Europeans are not so.
Speaking of politics, there was no representative from Serbia & Montenegro this year, because of their political fuss. I can not explain it well, so please check→ an article from Washignton Post. Ah, their referendum is tomorrow. If it was held earlier, the Montenegro group might have been able to participate in the contest ;-P



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