Thursday, May 04, 2006

healthcare service in macedonia

I have been told (even by Macedonian) that you do not want to get sick in Macedonia because the quality of the healthcare service is very low. Well, but I can not control not getting sick by making efforts of not to.... So, I had gotten experience it last week at the Skopje Hospital, the highest medical authority in Macedonia.
I had been suffering with cough for more than a week and it did not seem getting any better, so, I decided to go to see a doctor to make sure it is not infectious diseases like tuberculosis. Well, seeing a doctor at the public hospital in Macedonia was quite an experience in terms of 2 aspects. First of all, I waited for 2 hours to see a doctor (a friend's friend; typical Balkan's way to get things through) and spent 1 minute with the doctor. He did not ask any question about my medical history, did not check my lung by a stethoscope, or no measurement of blood pressure or pulse, whatsoever, I would say there was no examination and consultation at all. Only he checked my bronchus by a scope. How does he know my bronchus is the problem without asking any question to me? And how can I be sure the medicine he subscribed is the right one while he did not perform whole examination and did not explain anything to me about what the disease is and where it came from? .... And second of all, I was quite surprised that how a patient does not have a privacy in the consultation room. I was surrounded by many people like interns, nurses and other patients (!) waiting on the queue in the same room, watching me being my tongue grabbed by the doctor to see my bronchus by the scope, and the picture of my bronchus. It was quite embarrassing to show off my tongue and bronchus in front of many people, I would say.
So, I learned that from the experience there is no such a thing called Healthcare "Service" at the public hospital in this country. Workers at hospitals are supposed to be "service providers" in the world I had known. Especially for the girl who does not mind to pay $600 per night for a hotel with excellent services, “service” is very important item to purchase. No wonder Macedonia needs the Health Sector Reform, which has been promoted by WB and is still on-going bit by bit. Well, I did not want to learn it by actually experiencing it, though.
By the way, the photo is the PRIVATE hospital that I went to next day after having enough experience at the public hospital. Currently, only 2 or 3 private hospitals exist in Macedonia and this Neuromedika is recommended by the donor community as the most equipped hospital in Macedonia. Well, I should have done that from the very first time. The doctor at the private hospital was very attentive and a good listener, he did all the necessary examination to decide which medicine I should take. I received the quality “service” from them. Satisfactory, in the end.



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今日は 日本ではGWもおわり あーあまたふつうの毎日にもどりました。

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It's even more fun with small children. Try waiting for an hour with a sick baby. He doesn't understand anything, he just cries and cries because it hurts...

Although, to be honest, our experience in Romania was not horrible. Just a long wait and a hospital that was not very clean and modern. It could have been much worse.

Still, with kids you really want fast service that is high quality. Even more than for yourself...

BTW, you can reach me at the vormuir address. Same old, I think.


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