Monday, May 15, 2006

soya beans

Another Soya stuff is available in Macedonia. This is roasted soya beans, a snack for my Macedonian friend who cares about health. The producer of this snack is a Serbian company, called Florida Bel. It is produced in Serbia and imported to Macedonia. See, apparently, Balkans are soya eaters. And this has actually exactly the same taste with our "mamemaki mame", which Japanese use for the event on February 3rd, for scattering parched beans (to drive out evil spirits and summon good luck for new year) and we eat some after that, but not as a usual snack, I guess. By the way, I asked what kind of people in Macedonia eat soya beans, and was told that people who concern health. Okay... so, maybe Macedonian know an effect of soya, like, for preventing cancer.


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