Tuesday, June 27, 2006


If Dal Met Fu is for a Skopje-beginner, this Tiglio is for more advanced people, because to find this place for the first time takes some time even you know Skopje well. It is an Italian restaurant with a concept of a "hideaway." It is on a small street in a quiet residential area. The atmosphere there is like one of those in Bali; cozy, little, secret garden place only for the people who know the place. It is definitely not for public. I like the concept and air they make, but it is a pity that their food is not so fabulous. I would try for dinner next time, though. I guess that dusk and candle light at summer night would create nice air worth to try.


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Anonymous said...


A restaurant beside a cat and rat ridden mess of rubbish bins. The management of the restaurant simply use the residential area to create excessive noise, mess and food that quite honestly is not only over priced and badly cooked but is a health hazard.

Take advice try somewhere else!!