Wednesday, June 28, 2006


....and Shanghai is for anybody who wants to eat Asian food, whether beginners or advanced, foreigners or Macedonian. It is easy to find the place since it is on the one of the main streets, Partisanska. Everybody knows the restaurant, but there are many Macedonian who have never had Chinese food in their life. For all Japanese in Skopje, it is an important site for dining out, since there is no Japanese restaurant in Skopje, we go there (or Bombay) to eat Asian foods instead. Food there, eh, ok. Especially the sauteed green vegetable is super. Shanghai is the best one compared to 2 other Chinese restaurants in Skopje. But it is good for them that the Thai restaurant in Prilep is not in Skopje, otherwise foreigners who like Asian food would go for the Thai restaurant.


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