Tuesday, July 11, 2006

adventures in macedonia

The other day, people were talking about that a shooting team of the Yahoo Adventure came to Macedonia, and now, this week, the feature is online!
Check this out. ↓ http://adventures.yahoo.com/macedonia
I think they did a great job featuring the great nature of Macedonia. It looks very attractive place in terms of "adventure". Macedonia is actually an attractive destination, indeed, as I keep saying, not only for adventurers. It is the beautiful country that has lots of attractive tourism resources.
And lately, with the US's assistance, Macedonia (or the exploring Macedonia team) seems doing a great job in marketing. Obviously, this yahoo thing is arranged by the team those who know well what the PR activities should be, I would say, as from a view of the former ad executive. Good job, American.
Also, the direction that Macedonia's tourism wants to go to is becoming much clearer now. It is not definitely targeting mass tourism, but alternative tourism, which I agree with as a right direction. One thing I would add if I may is that, if Macedonia wants to develop tourism as a mean of economic development and become more competitive as a country destination, it requires more initiative from the "national" government; such as providing the "national strategy" for the tourism development to show the general direction of the development as a country, and/or national coordination to support to refurbish those tourism resources etc.,...Well, but I guess this government has more other things to do first...


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