Sunday, July 16, 2006

small adventure: galichka svadba

It should be worth to mention in the Yahoo Adventures or exploringmacedonia or other information site of Macedonian toursim, the Galicka Svadba (Wedding in Galicnik) is a traditional style wedding ceremony, which is held once a year, around this time, in a village called Galichnik. As you can see, people wear traditional clothes, *very ethnic*, and the ceremony follows a series of traditional customs and rituals. Such as: expecting of the drums, mother-in law's hora, taking the bridal to the village fountain for water, hanging the wedding flag, invitation of the deaths, shaving the son-in-low, to bake the bread, etc. Since almost no one lives in the village anymore, dispersed to the world, this once-a-year event is an opportunity for the village family to come back there and hold the family gatherings as well as preserve their traditions. It started almost 40 years ago, and now it becomes a very good tourist attraction. Only those who have family originally from the village can have this unique wedding.



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