Tuesday, September 19, 2006

fanta shokata

After one year in Macedonia, it becomes a bit difficult to find interesting stuff or make new discovery. Hence, less topics for my blog (as you can see from less frequency of my blog update lately.) But, this Fanta "Shokata" flavor is a discovery. It's elderflower flavor. Elderflower has been becoming very popular in Japan in these few years as a herb that strengthens one's immune system and prevent one to catch a cold. Also it could be medicine for hay fever and other allergy kinds. It has muscat scent and very subtle sour taste. Very refreshing herb when having as tea. And this Fanta Elderflower flavor is also refreshing. Muscat scent and subtle sour taste with fizz. Mmm. It will be my boom for a while. Fanta Grape is a unique flavor to Japan (or Asia Pacific?) and I guess this Fanta Shokata is unique to Europe (or Balkan?) According to Wiki, the hint came from a Romanian drink.


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