Monday, October 16, 2006

city central heating

The Central heating of the Skopje City is on from today. It happens to be the temperature went down from today, like -1C for the lowest (ooooh-). It is the perfect timing to have the heating. The room is warmer(phew). Now, my humidifier will be on too. The air here could go very dry, with the heater particularly. But, it seems humidifying is not the common concept in Macedonia. I was asked why I am buying the humidifier last year, when I was looking for it. Although, it was not so difficult to find a humidifier in the country, unlike a rice cooker ;-P



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冬の寒さは身にこたえますね。北海道には道から暖房費が(少しだが助かると言ってます)支給されますが、マケドニアではどうなんでしょうか? P&T