Wednesday, January 24, 2007


My latest favorite yogurt. Unfortunately, this Aktivia is made in Bulgaria. In Japan, Bulgaria is very famous as a yogurt producing country because of one brand name of Japanese yogurt product. Well, but I like Macedonian yogurt and would recommend it in Japanese market, but it is for drink. Since I am from a country with yogurt "to eat", sometimes I want non-Macedonian yogurt. And lately, there is this Aktivia in the store. It is very nice with natural taste, not too sweet, and lots of fruits in it. I appreciate it. I would appreciate more if Danone produces this in Macedonia as FDI, you know.


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zoki said...

can we maybe be friends? i write you on mixi and leave coment in your previous post.. i really love japan so much, and would be great for me I have japanese friend and in macedonia too...or can you just help me a little with japanese, if you have some books, maybe just copy them..
if not sorry boring you and distrub you..anyway thanks for the time..bye zoki