Thursday, January 25, 2007

invest in macedonia

Speaking of the FDI, the Macedonian Government launched the global advertising campaign for attracting foreign investments lately, called "Invest in Macedonia, New Business Heaven in Europe". Promoting the FDI in Macedonia has been the most urgent priority of the new Macedonian Government for the economic development since its establishment in September. Now they are promoting it aggressively with a balloon thing on the top of the government building as well as putting ads on 50 media in 35 countries worldwide. Of course, the Japanese are one of expected investors. 
As a former Ad Executive, I would say this kind of campaign is the right strategy to raise the awareness of the country name as an investment destination, maybe, but, the "ad-balloon" on the top of the government building? hahaha, it would be fun (or cute) if the Japanese government puts the ad-balloon on the top of their Kasumigaseki buildings, the face of the famous Corporate Japan.

(campaign site)
(MacInvest site)    
 ↑I think this contains more comprehensive information than the campaign site.

投資促進といえば、最近、マケドニア政府はマケドニアへの外国投資促進を経済政策の要としており、先日スタートした投資促進キャンペーン「Invest in Macedonia, New Business Heaven in Europe」では35カ国、50メディアへの広告露出や、政府ビル屋上のアドバルーン掲出など、けっこう目に付くことをやろうとしてます。もちろん、日本からの投資も期待されてます。


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