Sunday, February 25, 2007


There are bunch of foreigners working with IT Macedonian at this company in Macedonia, one of which founders is a Macedonian. It is a globally-known special client customized software development company, set up in Sweden originally. Lately, their business operation in Macedonia has been expanded, hiring lots of people including foreginers from all over the world. Since "Invest in Macedonia" promotes the IT industry as an potential sector for investment in Macedonia, companies like Seavus could strengthen the industry's potential and spread the fame to the world. Maybe.

このマケドニアのソフトウエア開発会社「シーヴス」ではマケドニア人にプラスして世界各国からきた外国人がたくさん働いています。もともとマケドニア人がスウェーデンで作った会社でグローバル的に有名らしいですが、最近はマケドニアでもだいぶビジネス拡大しているようです。マケドニア政府の「Invest in Macedonia」キャンペーンでもマケドニアのIT産業は投資ポテンシャル産業とされているくらいですから、今後シーヴスのような会社がマケドニアの業界をひっぱっていって、いずれはマケドニアのIT産業が世界に名だたるようになっていくといいですね。そのうちいつかは。。。


Anonymous said...

Yep, and us Aussies are leading the foreigner invasion!

Anonymous said...

And you forgot to mention the awesome parties the Seavus employees throw!!

napomi said...

heeey, you are back!