Wednesday, September 26, 2007

rakija marketing?

Rakija is very popular hard liquor (very hard for japonka) in Macedonia, usually people drink it with salads (shopska salad, for example) before starting a meal. It is made from fruits like grapes, fermented and distilled, like brandy. Its alcohol content is normally 40%, or sometimes, like homemade rakija, it can be 50 to 60%. It is a nice souvenir item, but I had never brought it to Japan, because, for a long time, there were only either too large bottles or uncute small bottles used for rakija bottling, which was, most of the case, it is not worth for travelers to carry around as a souvenir. But now, it seems there are cute small bottles available from Tikves. Cute and well designed. Now I can bring rakija as a souvenir of Macedonia for friends. Someone seems start working on marketing. That's something new.



LL said...

Actually, there were small bottled rakija from long time ago, but poorly designed and were used by bluecollar workers as favorite beverage during lunch brake.

napomi said...

so, i should probably say "there were only either large or UNCUTE small bottles" ;-)