Monday, October 01, 2007

exhibition of japanese handcraft

As one of the Bela Nok events, there was an opening of the exhibition of Japanese handcraft at Skopje Museum, funded by Japan Foundation. It introduces Japanese traditional hand-made craft products such as Imari ware, Bizen ware and Yu-zen, etc. Maybe because it was a part of Bela Nok or because of high interest towards Japanese culture, the venue was filled with people. The exhibition is very exquisite. Good selection of contents and well displayed. Even japonka can enjoy. It will last for 2 weeks. Definitely a must-go event. I hope it will inspire many Macedonian.


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jiro said...

I check your blog occasionaly (rarely)... you seem to be doing well!

Job is a job is a job is a job, and whatever it is, it's not easy and everybody knows that. Without exception, my work is almost killing me but I must say I cannot complain, and I like what I do. I hope that my company (medical device start-up) is going to produce something meaningful in the near future with appropriate profit back to us.

My hope is, when my company becomes self-sustainable, I could leave my job that I have now and move to non-profit international cooperation field. I don't know what I can contribute (yet) but I guess it's not too late to start looking.