Wednesday, October 31, 2007

japonski tapani and shamisen band

A Japanese traditional drum (taiko) and shamisen band, Bu-shi-do had a concert in Skopje. I did not expect the taiko and shamisen band can be so much entertaining, but all these kids who know how to play the traditional instruments are very much good at entertaining people. Not just playing tapani (taiko in Macedonian) and shamisen cool, but they also do dancing, jumping, backflipping, and even hip-hop scratching. Especially the second half of the stage was very entertaining, when they played taiko more rocky, jazzy, jumpy style. It reminded me "Johnny's" boys. (Johnny's is a very famous Japanese talent management company to manage very popular, cute boys idol (idoru, in another word) groups, who do singing, dancing and jumping.) The first half of the stage, when they played taiko and shamisen traditional way, wearing kimono, was also cool. Funny thing is it reminded me the fact that I had played a taiko for Bonodori (a community summer dancing festival in Japan) when I was a kid. hahahaha (^0^) .... Anyway, it was quite fun. It seems Macedonian liked them too. Next day, my girl co-worker told me they want Bu-shi-do to come back again next year. (Unfortunately, my camera battery run out, so, photos are only from the first half.. sorry)


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