Sunday, November 04, 2007

shadows (senki)

The famous Macedonian film director Milcho Manchevski's new movie, "Shadows (the original name is Senki)" had a premiere opening this weekend in Skopje. It was a beautiful movie, featuring scenes of modern Skopje and Macedonia very well, not only physical scenes, but also in terms of Macedonian's life, culture, customs, practices and habits, etc...(for those who are wondering how my life in Skopje is like, maybe this movie is a good reference ;-P) Although I maybe not fully understood the movie because it was only in Macedonian (no English subtitle), but still I enjoyed a lot. Especially I like Milco Mancevski's shooting angle. It has a certain, unique taste in the visuals with something very thick, strong contrast of colors and objects, thus creating the beautiful images.


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