Tuesday, April 29, 2008


One of the strange Macedonian sweets is this "alva." It is something lump of sweetish stuff. It is like rakugan in Japanese sweet. I just do not understand the concept and the reason for eating this.... Is it also served with tea like rakugan? It seems one of those Turkish influence. According to Wiki, it is Arabic origin. Maybe like boza, in some day I will become liking this stuff. Hmm, no, ne moze.

マケドニアの変わったお菓子「アルヴァ」。これはちょっとわたし的にはだいぶイケないです。なんか甘いものの塊なんですよね。和菓子でいうところの落雁みたい。落雁は甘い中にも繊細さというものがありますが、このアルヴァはちょっとただ甘いだけ?  いまいちコンセプトとか食べる理由とか、わかんないっす。あ、もしかして、これもお茶用? オスマントルコ時代の影響らしいからね。ウィキによると、もともとはアラブ文化圏からのものらしい。まあ、こんなこと言ってても、ボザみたいにそのうち好きになっちゃったりするのかもね。んー、いや、これは無理だろう。


bakase said...

...similarly, I will never like eating licorice.

napomi said...


Kiki said...

Hey Napomi, I was wondering if you could let me know where I can purchase some Japanese products in Macedonia? ie, soba, udon, bonito, ume vinegar or plums, tempeh (of they have it) I am Macedonian, however, my staple menu is mostly derived from Japanese recipes. I would really appreciate the help. Also, would you mind letting me know is Vero carries tofu? Thanks


napomi said...

Hi Kristina,

yes, Vero has tofu sometimes. but sometimes not.

soba, udon, bonito, ne moze. I buy usually from Vienna or from Japan. there is a shop in zagreb also.

In macedonia, there is a health food shop, which carries ume-boshi & miso.

well, if you have more questions, please let me know.

good luck on shopping ;)