Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Apce is known as the best "Boza" shop in Skopje. (Wiki→Boza)
Although I made a comment about the boza some time ago, after trying it a couple of times, I feel more comfortable having boza as my choice of drinks. It seems matter of getting used to (as so with other many things). And I even feel boza is a "refreshing" drink and I feel even understanding the meaning of a Macedonian's comment that it is a kind of drink you would miss while after leaving Macedonia. It has some unique taste that gets people addicted. Now I say, boza tastes ok. Whether I will miss it or not, we will see.
In Apce, there are not only boza but also some local sweets available as a bakery, like Indianka in the photo. It is made with sponge cake and cream. It is a simple dessert but good match with boza.


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Pep said...

Boza has a really odd taste at first (I think it's the same with everyone either Macedonian, Turkish or Japanese), but after drinking it few times you only can taste the sweet and refreshing side of the drink. I think that the brain needs time to settle with the odd taste.