Friday, August 26, 2005

near macedonian square

It seems that 'hanging out at a cafe with friends' is a major form of entertainment for Macedonians. No wonder there are bunches of cafes near Macedonian Square, which is the center of Skopje. They hang out there after lunch before dinner. Lunch time in Macedonia is after work, like 4 or 5pm.
There is good coffee and tea, like cappuccino, espresso, herb tea, or whatever, which is a lot relief to me. There is even Macedonian tea, which tastes like a mix of mint and camomille(I guess).



Anonymous said...

nahomi, so i am waiting for the pictures of the apartment where you want to live. cheers. daniel

kina said...

Cool! I am looking forward to see more pictures of Macedonia and hope you can share your experience with a lot of others who are not really familiar with the country.

Hiro said...

Gosh, your blog is much more organized than mine:)

Can't believe you are in such a beutiful city!! You know, I was thinking of very much more like Alexander the Great. I bet you will never want to leave there!

Anonymous said...

Nahomi, Skopje looks nice. Get used to having coffee everyday at least three times a day at a cafe... it's part of the culture :) see you soon neighbor.


napomi said...

Hi Darien: so cafe is the most entertainment in Zagreb also?