Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Speaking of Balkan drinks, there is this Cockta. It is originally from Former Yugoslavian days; well, actually, more precisely, the trademark was registered in Slovenia in 1953, according to this nicely designed website that has enough impact to memorize the brand name, package and the character- http://www.croatianmall.com/abco/cockta.htm
And now you see this Cockta everywhere in Macedonia.
It tastes like Vanilla Coke or Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper, you know, whatever people who have particular taste would like. Try it when you are here. I am not the one of those particulars, although I can be understanding.

この妙にインパクトのあるwebサイトをみるとよけいにブランディングのうまさが伝わってきます: http://www.croatianmall.com/abco/cockta.htm
ネーミングはなんと「カクテルCocktailからとったコクタ」()だそうです。 どうかね、イサムくん、コピーライター的にはこのネーミング。

お味は、いわゆるバニラコークとかチェリーコークとかドクターペッパーとか、ああいうカンジ。好きな人は好きですよねぇ。まあ私はちょっとあれですけど。 まあ、ぜひバルカンにいらしたらトライしてみてください。

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Anonymous said...

just like coke has its orange counterpart fanta and pepsi its mirinda brand, so does cockta. it's orange soft drink is called jupi. you can try this next time. not for me though, too much carbs. L