Friday, September 09, 2005

old railway station

This could be another sightseeing point, the old railway station, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1963. It is now the City Museum of Skopje that displays things excavated in Skopje. I have not been in the Museum, so, I can not tell if it is good or not. I will tell you when I visit them. Either way, this old station is near my Ram Store. So, I have lots of chance to explore the Museum.
The clock of the station shows the exact time when the earthquake occurred, which was about 5:20 in the morning. Everybody was still sleeping. It destroyed whole city of Skopje and about 3000 people died. That is why there are few cute buildings in Skopje. Most of the old buildings were totally destroyed by the earthquake. And this famous Japanese architect, Kenzo Tange, helped Skopje to redesign the city.



Sharon said...

wow! great station with historic interests! keep the posts coming..check out's just jibberish...

Anonymous said...

はなしには聞いていた丹下の建築見てみたいわー 現地にいけたときには是非!場所をおしえてください。