Wednesday, February 22, 2006

sports betting

It seems there are 3 Macedonian in the winter Olympics, but I am not sure how many Macedonian are paying attention to the Olympics, because nobody in my office talks about it. Speaking of the Olympics, there is other way to enjoy it in Macedonia rather than just watching the game on TV; which is the activity that I have never seen before in my life - "sports betting". I guess in Europe it is very usual to bet on sports games, but in Japan and the US, there is no such things called "bookies", where you put money on games. As I have noticed there are many bookies around my neighborhood, I guess the sports betting is very popular here. Well, I bet there will be bunch of excited people all over in bookies during the World Cup this year. Hey, you can enjoy the games by visiting me here and betting on, instead of sitting in front of TV there.



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