Monday, February 06, 2006

teenagers' shoe trend in macedonia

As I recall, Japanese teenagers in 20++ years ago used to wear this kind of shoes with thick soles. Well, in Macedonia, the boom comes now (or maybe in Japan too?). I guess the thick sole shoes are helpful very much for girls' feet to stay warm, especially when the roads are frozen from snow like today. So, it is practical and reasonable as well as cute. Should I try them to follow the "trendy" stuff of Macedonia? or to protect myself from feet-cold situation? But I know from the experience, it is really hard to walk properly with that shoes. In Tokyo, those girls who wore that shoes needed to walk strangely (actually uglily) and I did not think it's cool at all.

日本でもたしか20数年前に流行った気がする、こういう厚手の底の靴。歩くの大変なんすよねぇ、こんなに底が厚いと。もしかして、日本でも今またブーム復活? というか、マケドニアではいまキテます。ティーンエイジャーはみんなこれ。ポクポク歩いています。かわいいんだけどねぇ。ピンクのジャケットとかと合わせて着ているのを見ると。そして、今日みたいに残り雪で道路が凍っていて地面が冷たいときには、足冷え防止のためにもここまで底が厚いとたしかにいいんだけどねぇ。。。そうか、これはもしかして寒い国の実用的な靴なのか。あの時代とは違って色とかもちょっとかわいいから履いてみようかな、なんて。足冷え防止のためにも。

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