Thursday, August 24, 2006

yellow leaves

It is still hot here. Well, compared to Japan's humid climate, 40C with dry air in Skopje is still feeling cooler. But, it could be said it is still summer. Sunshine is still strong, feeling more so with the dry air, and I was told that because of the strong sunshine, tree leaves started to turn yellow (or more like brown). It is not nice like what you see in the Bear Mountain in autum, well, it looks more like dying. Maybe that is why I started to use a sunshade umbrella when walking under the strong sunshine, which by the way nobody does in Skopje (but many do in Japan.) It is very true that under the shade is cooler especailly when the air is dry. It is very practical way to avoid the heat and sunshine. In any case, the awareness towards the risk of UV rays is still low in Macedonia as well as of the smoking habits. I hope my umbrella will get some attention and help to raise some awareness for it (oh, but, attention-wise, I am getting it enough as being one-of-few Japanese girls in the town.) And I am hoping by the next year, sunshade umbrellas will be "in" in Macedonia ;-P



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確かに欧米で日傘どころか帽子さえあまり見かけませんが、日本では男性の日傘も出始めているそうですよ。  貴々

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