Tuesday, March 13, 2007

construction mafia

When I first saw this building I thought a building on-purposely designed like this as an art object is being constructed. Well, no. It had been illegally developed and "authorities" found out, on the half way of the construction, that the construction project does not have any legal approval or exceeds the dimension set by a building approval authority or something, so, some authorities came in and torn down some part of the building like this as an effort to stop the construction or to stop the building to be used. There are many buildings like that in Skopje; half finished construction, sometimes with some parts demolished. But, the question is what on earth in the first place, nobody notices the illegality until the building takes shape to this level. Or, maybe, people notice it but nobody can do something about it, because someone from “authorities” may be involved in the business. It is called “construction mafia” in Macedonia, as a type of organized crimes. And now the Macedonian Government is trying to stop organized crimes including this construction mafia. BTW my image of “mafia” is more scary stuff that that.


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