Sunday, March 09, 2008

fiskalna smetka - broz cafe

One of my favorite cafes, Broz Cafe, got the fiskalna smetka penalty. Boo... Now it will be closed for a while. But, Broz Cafe, having a good sense of humor and style, puts the posters and signs outside saying "we are on involuntary vacation" in a good designed manner to tell its loyal customers that it is closed. I like it. Bastion and Nobu did not do anything when they got the penalty.



Anonymous said...

The cafe across the street, which is normally empty, is owned by a person with government ties. The discrepancy found with the Broz Kafe receipts was less than 200 denars.... go figure.

Tanja said...

thank you very much for your awesome comments about our coffee shop, and it is nice to know that people are understanding our humor. the next time you come to broz for a coffee its on the house, just ask for tanja.
p.s. could you possibly send a picture of yourself so we can put you up on our bulletin board?
thank you,