Thursday, May 25, 2006

japonski filmski festival

Starting from today, there is this Japanese Film Festival in Skopje. It features very old Japanese films. I am usually not so into Japanese films in general, and if it comes to old films, more likely I would rather watch something else. But this time, as I am in Skopje and it happens to be there is this japonski filmski festival, I felt that it is an obligation to go there at least on the opening night as one of few Japanese in Skopje. Well, it turned out; I am glad that I went. The movie of Yasujiro Ozu, "I was born, but..." was very good as Ozu's reputation in general says. I was impressed by its comical, witty way of expressing the universal rule of father and son relationship with Japanese classical tates, and the hypocrisy and social hierarchy and inequity in those days of Japan....Very well plotted and depicted, especially the characters, those kids actors!, are awesome. It is amazing to know what a silent movie can do. Bravo. Also it was interesting to see people and society in the old days of Japan. Very exotic to a modern Japanese girl. It looks even novel and cool. I had been told many times how great the Ozu's movies are from my artsy friends, but as I was not interested in old films much, I had never tried to see it. But, now I feel I should see more. My first Ozu debut in Skopje. Interesting. Unfortunately, there is no more Ozu's film in this film festival. Should I try Kurosawa and Mizoguchi also?
For your information, other featured flims are:



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