Monday, September 10, 2007

suddenly autumn in macedonia

Suddenly the temperature dropped lately and the summer is over. This weekend, the heater at my apartment was on. At my new apartment, there is no city central heating system (nor a wood stove), but own electronic heaters. Which means I can control the room temperature. It is actually very nice, especially in a day like this weekend, when the city central heating system is not ready yet.

ここ最近急に気温が下がり、マケドニアはもうすっかり秋みたいです。この週末はヒーターとかつけちゃいました。新しいアパートはスコピエ市のセントラルヒーティングシステムではなく(もちろん薪ストーブでもない)、じぶんちストーブなので、自分で好きなときに好きなように温度調整が出来るので、けっこううれしいかもです。 市のセントラルヒーティングシステムは10月の2週目までつかないしね。


Anonymous said...

Zdravo Napomi,
what you are doing with this blog is very remarkable for the Macedonians abroad. My name is Angelo and i live in Toronto, Canada. I was born in Skopje but i moved when i was 17, in 2001. I am really a huge fan of your blog, and i just want to let you know that thousands of Macedonians have seen your blog, and they are so happy that someone can break their nostalgic wall around them.
Once again, thanks for doing this and i hope you enjoy Skopje and other cities in Macedonia. Cao

napomi said...

Thanks Angelo. It is encouraging to hear that kind of comments.

Anonymous said...